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Sophomore Year

During sophomore year I really started to get passionate about insects, mostly due to the creation of LHS Ento, and the purchase of a DSLR camera. But this passion fueled my excitement for learning and lead to some awesome projects. This portfolio starts Sophomore year because during freshman year of High school, while I did do some productive projects and had some career oriented experiences, I did not document much of it, as I was at a different school. Any noteworthy Freshman year projects will be included in this section however. 



Getting adjusted to project-based learning was pretty easy for me, as I had been doing before. But I did have to get more organized to manage my workload better. Starting Off my projects were not as extraordinary but they got better as time progressed


Living Ancestors

This was basically my first project in EDGE. we started by picking one of our ancestors and researching their history, and then we researched the scientific achievements of their time. Finally, we gave a presentation as that ancestor, to sum up our knowledge.I studied merryweather Lewis, and talked about collection of specimens.

Sand Dunes

National Park research

During this project, I researched the Great sand dunes national park and made a website about it and its importance as a national park. I worked on this project in a group with my friend corvin.


Beetle Boxes

During the EDGE Birds, Bats & Bees project, me and my friend corvin erdos worked on an alternate project. Instead of building a bird, bat, or bee house, we designed a conservation habitat for beetles, which often go overlooked in forest management. The habitat functions off of mycelium, flake soil, and leaf litter to support various types of beetles. However, it was designed with stag, rhinoceros, and ox beetles in mind. For the Project, we also made a book for a SSN (severe special needs) student named Micah Compton. view some aspects of the project below.

Collecting and studying larvae in texas for the project.
View the slides below for a short overview of the project. V

Beetle Box Book

Beetle Book


(((Get Amped!)))

The Study of Music

During the Get Amped! unit I got to study the properties of music, and wrote about insect acoustics. I also got to design a passive amp and created a few songs on garage band. The songs incorporated sounds which I used to simulate insect calls.

Click on the text above to explore my AP photo investigation. I am including this in Junior Year, but I really started planning it during sophomore year.

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