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I am a college student in Kentucky who is currently working on researching ants in the Americas. Purchasing photos helps me purchase equipment and raise money to attend research trips to further collective knowledge on ants and insects.
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Upcoming Trips I'm Planning On Attending (clicking on the project provides more info):

Bugshot Florida
(summer 2021)

Upcoming Projects I'm planning for and working on:

Castlewood canyon ant survey


Colorado ant survey


LHS Entomology Club ant collection



Welcome to my insect photograph fundraiser Gallery! Your support helps me get more equipment and funds for my research trips. Click photos for purchasing options.

Life Among Ants

This section of the gallery features my favorite ant photos. The other photos can be seen in other galleries. Click photos for purchasing options.

Beetles and Butterflies

This is the beetle and butterfly gallery. You can see other photos in other galleries. Click photos for purchasing options.

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