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A.P. Photography SI2


Investigating the Diverse World of Underrepresented Arthropods

I have traveled all around the US to look for ants and have taken pictures along the way for my last investigation. But during this investigation I wanted to emphasize on other insects. In particular I have always been interested in those insects and arthropods which people knew very little about. This lack of knowledge may be due to their lack of representation in books, literature, or classes, but it often has more to do with the insects themselves. When we, as humans, infrequently encounter something, we tend to consider it rare, but that can be false depending on the scenario. In this case, many arthropods aren't as large, noticeable, or easy to find as the ones we know about. And sometimes, it could just be that the creature is nocturnal.


Many insects are commonly collected and studied by entomologists but are essentially unknown to the public. This part of the investigation looks at unique and unseen insect species.

Overlooked Arthropods

Arthropods other than insects, like centipedes, spiders, and scorpions, are well known to the public, but many species are less frequently discussed.


Unseen Insects

This section explores the importance of ants in the environment. Click on the images to expand them


Overlooked Arthropods

This section explores how humans percieve and affect ants, and what we can do about it.

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