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Who Is This Guy?

I am an entomologist and macro photographer currently based out of Morehead, Kentucky, USA, where I attend Morehead State University, studying the Ants of Kentucky. I am originally from Colorado and also spend lots of time at home collecting ants and photographing insects and flowers in Colorado. My favorite subject is ants, which take up most of my time and attention, but I also spend a fair share of time investigating various other animals and insects.

I got started with insect photography in 7th grade and have been photographing bugs ever since. My work is highly received and I have received various commendations from Organizations such as the Entomological Society of America, and the National Wildlife Foundation. My photographs can be found across the web on sites such as AntWeb and AntWiki, and my work can also be seen in Morehead State University's Art Journal Inscape (2023, pp. 30-31). Learn more about me on my About Me page!

The link below is a portfolio of my favorite images, click on the button to go to the best images page.

Recent Favorites

Below is a list of recent favorite images for sale. It could be something I have taken recently that I really like, or the image may be one I found in my collection and wanted to highlight. They may be better than what is currently in my best images link (in which case they will eventually make their way over there), or they may be on this page for a limited time. Either way, this art store gallery is a great way to support me by buying my more recent work.

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