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The Stinging Ants of Colorado: A Synopsis of All Species in the State Possessing a Stinger.

Research Project and Book

At just over 350 pages, this research project I completed in 12th grade for AP research stands alone as the longest work created by any member of the class for the project. The 'book' itself consists of a 30-page paper (which essentially functions as an introduction to myrmecology in Colorado) and a 320+ page index containing regional keys, photographs, and even 3D scans of ants and ant nests. 

Currently, the only physical copy of this book is housed at the C. P. Gillette Entomology Museum, where it is being used to help assist in sorting and identifying the ants in the state. It provides much of its utility in including the first (and essentially the only) key to treating any American Stenamma species. Additionally, a key to Colorado's male Pogonomyrmex species proved uncannily valuable in sorting unidentified male ants separated from their nest series.

Check Out A Digital Copy Below

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