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Kentucky Ant Project

Research Project

Kentucky has never had a comprehensive checklist of ant species. In fact, there is not even a species list for a single county within the Commonwealth. Additionally, there are only 2 papers describing species in Kentucky, and both are Strumigenys species that have not really been encountered since. As far as ant research goes, it's a black hole the size of... well... Kentucky! This project aims to remedy that. I am creating keys to every genus in the state, and keys to Kentucky ant genera. The ultimate goal for the project is to publish a book encouraging Kentuckians to integrate ants more into their culture and appreciate them for how essential they are to the region. 

So Far, I have found at least 6 new species records for the state. Two of which are rare ant species and one is the most common ant on campus. My first poster from the project can be seen below.

Recent Favorites

Below is a list of recent favorite images for sale. It could be something I have taken recently that I really like, or the image may be one I found in my collection and wanted to highlight. They may be better than what is currently in my best images link (in which case they will eventually make their way over there), or they may be on this page for a limited time. Either way, this art store gallery is a great way to support me by buying my more recent work.

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