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LHs Entomology club


Our Mission

As an organization we want to advocate for the study of insects and how diverse and amazing insects are. For example, there is more biomass of insects living on the planet right now that the collective biomass of humans, one estimate projects a ratio of 1.4 billion insects to each person on earth. Which means that even with an extremely conservative estimate that the average weight of an insect is 0.05mg insects still outweigh humans 70 times to 1.

What We Do

We collect insects during the fall, spring, and sometimes the summer. During the winter we pin those insects, and learn more about the insects we are interested in. There are also plenty of events we plan throughout the year, like black light nights, collection outings, and other events. When possible we also attend professional entomology conferences. We also strive to get connections in the professional world of entomology, and interview entomologists often. Click the button below to learn how to get started!

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