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Projects and Achievements

A more statistical rundown of the information above


                    (CO Ants)

Hours spent: 300+ (1000+ including 8 months of preliminary research)

Specimens collected: 1000-3000
Volunteers led: 36
Locations searched (
number of locations):

Perry Park(4), Castle Rock (3), Castlewood canyon(5), larkspur (2), Como (2), Colorado springs (1), Parker (2)

Beetle boxes

Hours spent: 50+

Link to book here (clarification: the activity book was made for Micah Compton, as he was an SSN kid when the activity book was created)

The book may have some typos as we had to restructure it and change some of the text last minute. I only worked on half of the book. I did the diagram section though.
A beetle box was created

link in case copy is needed:

LHS Entomology club
Hours spent:
Members: in person, ~90 in discord

Tasks involved: Recruiting members, marketing, designing flyers, organising events, creating interesting and engaging activities, collecting insects, preserving insects, pinning insects, setting up a discord, creating a discord agenda.

Side projects part of LHS Ento

LHS Ant talks: during our global quarantine I decided to contact a few myrmecologists.

LHS Ant week: I set up a fun online ant week for my club during the summer to test our collective ant knowledge

AP concentration

Click here to learn about my AP sustained Investigation

          Below are some of the places other than my website you can find my images: 

Carebara longii
my work appears on various antweb pages.

Carebara longii
Myrmecological news blog:
Getting inspired by aspiring young myrmecologists