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Photo Experience #3:

Contest Entry

For this project I took images to enter into competitions.  I talked to experts on subjects like insect reflection photography and used some of that info. My images feature Carebara longii, Dorymyrmex flavus, and Mantella pulchra. I also did some photography from specimens from my ant database. You can see specimen records  Here


I entered in multiple contests for my photographs. One of them was the relationships contest by oxford brookes university. I entered this contest through photocrowd, a primarily british photo community, it was free and I have the chance to win $500 for first place.

I also entered some of my strong images from all my photography in the Entomology Society of America's calendar competition. If I win I will have one of my photos featured in the calendar, and a full size print. Its free to enter with a membership (which I already possessed).

I also submitted my Carebara longii photos to a few other newspapers and bulletins for use in academia, but I don't know when I'll hear back from them.

Featured Photographer

Mikhail Kujawa

Mikhail Kujawa is a personal acquaintance of mine. He is a fellow ant keeper and vendor in Colorado. He has kept a lot of the more unique species of ants in colorado, including honeypot ants and twig ants. He also grows orchids and pitcher plants, and raises reptiles, and has been doing so for a long time. Most of  his photos are of his orchids, but he has a few of his ants, reptiles, and mantids. If I had a picture I would've included it, but I did not, I also only had a few images of his so I couldn't share 10.

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