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Photo Experience #4:

Myrmecology Blog

Entomology blogs are not the most abundant kind of blog in the world, but they definately exist. For this project I started an entomology blog modeled after alex wild's blog, and made a post about my research on Carebara longii.

Featured Photographer

Alexander Wild

Alexander Wild is one of the most famous myrmecology photographers and entomology photographer. He is also a myrmecology blogger and makes articles about taxonomy, photography, biology,  and genetics. You can find his website ( and his blog here. Alex wild is the reason I got into photography and I am thankful that I saw his images when I did. I met him when I visited his collection in austin during my mother's graduation trip in october (2019), where I also found the queen featured in my blog. He is one of my biggest role models in the world of myrmecology, and I am planning on attending his photo course this summer. He has photographed workers of Carebara longii as well, which is the  largest image in this collage (orange and yellow-tan background). Here is his website bibliography:

Alex Wild is a Texas-based biologist who started photographing insects in 2002 as an aesthetic complement to his scientific work on ant taxonomy and evolution. Alex holds a Ph.D. in Entomology from The University of California/Davis and is Curator of Entomology at The University of Texas at Austin. His photographs appear in numerous natural history museums, magazines, books, television programs, and other media.

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