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Photo Experience #5:

Ants of Colorado: Now and Then

For this project I decided to explore the world of fossil and modern ants on my blog. I found some unique comparisons between modern and prehistoric ants. I found around 6 fossil ants and suprisingly most were in the family dolichoderinae, only one wasn't and it was like camponotus sp. which have been universally common for a long time.

Featured Photographer

Utah Myrmecology

Utah myrmecology is an account on instagram run by a fellow ant keeper who has images of many ants also found in colorado. I really like his photos and how he frames ants using sand color. He recently did a photoshoot of  dorymyrmex and myrmecocystus, both of which are featured in my post. He also has lots of colorful images of termites and other insects. Most ant photographers who are not already in the academic field of myrmecology usually don't share a picture of themselves, but I wanted to share some of the photos from Utah Myrmecology.

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