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Photo Experience #6:

Backyard Diversity

I was originally going to do a documentary photography project but my like really just consisted of collecting and searching for insects at the time, So I decided to document those Instead. I found lots of Insects and made a blog post on it. Clicking on the title above will take you there.

Featured Photographer


Florian Dzula (macroflodzl) is a German macro photographer who focuses on spiders, He has some really creative shots and I have seen lots of cool pictures from him. He has an instagram, facebook, and youtube. I really like his work and his use of focus stacking. A skill I have yet to learn. I hope to learn it soon so I can improve my photography. He mainly uses a Sony A6000, Venus laowa  100mm f/2.8 2x, V350s GODOX flash. I am likely going to purchase the Venus laowa 100mm or 60mm in the future because of the quality of shots the lenses get.  All of the images below have captions if you click on them.

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