Photo Of The Week

This is a showcase of all of my photos of the week. Each week I am given 7 words, and we are tasked with taking a photo relating to one or more of  those words. Each photo will have the word chosen in the description. When applicable I will include insects in my photo of the week, as insects are my passion and they are what I love to photograph.

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Photo Lists

These are the lists of topics words for each week, the topic(s) I have used for the photo of the week are bolded and resized.

week 1 topics

  • Texture

week 2 topics

  • My Favorite thing in the World

  • B is For.....

week 3 topics

  • Beginning

  • Looking Down

week 4 topics

  • Dirt

week 5 topics

  • Share

week 6 topics

  • Blue

week 7 topics

  • Space

week 8 topics

  • Slow Shutter Speed

week 7 topics

  • Colorado

week 8 topics​​

  • Slow shutter

week 9 topics​​

  • Colorado

week 10 topics​​

  • Reflections

week 11 topics​​

  • Busy

week 12 topics​​

  • Reflections

week 13 topics​​

  • Food

week 14 topics​​

  • Excited



© 2020 Josiah Kilburn
Odontomachus monticola

Photo III, This is my photo of the week for week #1. The word I chose for this image was texture. I think this image does a great job at comparing different levels of texture. I attempted to remove as much texture as I could from the background to add to the subject. More about the subject; This is an Odontomachus monticola trap Jaw ant. It is from my collection of specimens, I used to have a colony of these but sadly they passed away, so I preserved them.

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