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Polybugs: Insects on the Polygon Network

Polybugs is an NFT collection of vectorized insect tile collectibles released on the Polygon Chain. Polygon is a more eco-friendly side chain of Ethereum than the Ethereum network itself, so minting Polybugs produces virtually no greenhouse gasses. Each Polybug is hand-vectored and colored in Illustrator.

In addition to being artworks, Polybugs may gain utility in the future in one of the many other Web-3 projects being worked on by Armyofinsects. Potential utilities for Polybugs include use in a specimen distribution system and/or a Decentralized Scientific Journal. In either scenario, Polybugs owners would be notified of this and they may be used as a form of governance for later projects. This is all just a possibility however if you intend to participate in these projects by buying a Polybug, be aware that many factors are involved with the project and utility may take a while.



Series 1 Minted


Each Polybug is assigned a rarity, this corresponds to that particular Polybug's batch size and classification.

Class C.png


5 Minted

Each Common Polybug is created in groups of 5. Due to the ID Number being white on the graphic, it may be hard to see if your Opensea is not set to dark mode. If this is the case, you can see the Polybug ID number in the attributes section.


2 Minted

Gold Polybugs are created in pairs. If a future utility does exist for Polybugs, Gold Polybugs will account for 3x that of a common Polybug.

Class G.png
Class P.png


1 Minted

Platinum Polybugs are minted individually. If a future utility does exist for Polybugs, Gold Polybugs will account for 6x that of a common Polybug.


1 Minted

Fossil Polybugs are created individually. If a future utility does exist for Polybugs, fossil Polybugs will account for 5x that of a common Polybug.

Class F.png
Class sp.png


1 Minted

Special Polybugs are usually minted individually,, but can be released in larger batches. Special Polybug IDs are usually a number below 0, but in the case of a limited series, they may incorporate a letter as well. If a future utility does exist for Polybugs, Special Polybugs will account for 10x that of a common Polybug.


Because Opensea does not directly support Polygon, you will have to bridge another Currency (usually Ether) over to Polygon to use it. You can do this directly in Opensea, or via another method. Once bridged, you can spend this ETH, DAI, USDC, or REV accordingly.

At the moment Polybugs requires bridged ETH.

Series 1

Learn more about Series 1 of Polybugs.

Series 2

Series 2 has not been released yet.

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