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School Blog: Nuclear Science Intensive week 5


This week we started our book clubs. I particularly join the group that was reading Trinity: the history of the 1st atomic bomb. We had an interesting discussion this week about how politics, and countries at war, affected the atomic testing and research around the world. We also discussed the Manhattan project and how it was carried out and complete secrecy and even many involved were unaware of what they were working on. We also listened to some of the hardcore history podcast about the nuclear bomb and it’s consequences.


This week we looked into different types of radiation. I personally looked into the energy produced during different decay types and talk about it more in math. But I also compiled information about different decay chains of U238, Pu239, Tennessine, and Oganesson. The data compiled will be used to create an interactive interface for data on different radioactive isotopes and their decays. Here is tennesine, a super heavy element.


This week, I worked on systems and some math involved in my nuclear project. For the project I compile data and learned how to format the energy formula to get a value of energy produced based off of atomic decay and mass. By using E=(M1-(M2+dec)C^2, I was able calculate MeV production. I wil convert that (*mass sample) to joules and eventually seiverts. I also created conversation tables for half lives of the elements.

here’s the basic data gathered

the basic beta decay energy formula

One of the cross-referencing half life conversion cells, this one for years

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