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Solenopsis! Again

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I know I just posted about them, but here's another article about Solenopsis those solenopsis I found last time fall short compared to the ones I found just about two weeks ago. This species has brilliant red queens and orange workers. Compared to the somewhat drab species I found last year, which, after some closer investigation turned out to likely not be carolinensis, in all likelihood, its probably Solenopsis validiuscula a rarer, dull brown species of solenopsis species, which were observed in colorado by R. E. Gregg.


However, this interesting species might be S. Molesta but, likely they are are something else. They were found about 15 miles from the original observation for S. carolinensis (castanea) but the descriptions of carolinensis don't match. According to Pacheo and Makay's recent revision: "The queen is yellow, with large eyes" a factor I observed under the microscope that sets them apart from S. carolinensis was the head shape. The Queens appear to have a ventral spine, separating them from molesta as well, as the unique red color. As for the clearly bicolored species, I honestly have no idea...

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