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Claim a Gifted Polybug


I often gift Polybugs to people, but if you are not familiar with NFTs, It's hard to understand how to receive one of these gifted NFTs.

- Josiah Kilburn Founder and Creator of Polybugs

What is an NFT?

NFTs are all too often discussed on and around the Internet these days. Unfortunately, they are confusing when it comes to defining them. Hopefully, this description can help.

An NFT is, essentially, proof of ownership. It is not meant to be an investment, a way to reward artists, or a collectors game. NFTs exist as proof of ownership for something. NFTs happen to have a lot of applications, however, and this is what creates the variety of confusing internet moments surrounding them.

Owning a Polybug essentially means you own the rights to use that artwork how you please. There are some exceptions though. 

1) You cannot create more Polybugs NFTs

2) When asked for proof of ownership, you have to provide the NFT transaction, Similar to how you would need to present a license when publishing artwork from someone else.

When a utility is involved with an NFT, ownership gets a bit more complicated, the information above usually is stated as true.

What is a Polybug?

Now that you know what an NFT is, what is this Polybug thing I am talking about...

Polybugs is a collection of digital vector artworks that were created by Josiah Kilburn. Each of the artworks is hand-made and colored which usually takes around 2 hours per piece. Every visible section of the insect is drawn, and they are often over-estimated so that rotation and part transformations can occur. Additionally, I use gradients, transparency, and custom brushes to achieve desired effects for the vectors.


Hairy Fisheropone.png

This is a Polybug vector of Fisheropone. Below, is the same art but expanded into different sections. This was actually a very simple Polybug, but it still took a long time to make. It also had a hair layer which is displayed below.

Expanded Fisheropone.png

Polybugs Are
Eco-Friendly NFTs.

Since they are built on the Polygon network, minting a Polybug produces less greenhouse gas than charging your phone


NFTs Need a Wallet to Be Recieved

The Coinbase Wallet connects to the Opensea API so you can see the actual artwork attached to your NFT in the wallet. This is not the same thing as the Coinbase App. The wallet is used to store keys directly on your device.

MetaMask is the default wallet for Opensea. Despite this, you cannot access the artwork showcased in the wallet. Instead, you have to use it to log in to Opensea and view it that way

Once You Have a Wallet, Be Sure to fill out the form sent to you. I send the NFTs via Opensea, so I just need the public address.

If you are concerned about sharing your public wallet address, you may want to be aware that wallet addresses are usually public info. There's not much you can do with that information other than send tokens to the wallet.

How do I see my NFT?

After I have sent the NFTs, they will be visible on your Opensea account. You should still be able to receive the NFTs if you have not logged into Opensea before. But after logging in to you can click on your account and view 'profile'. The NFTs should Show up In this list. Eventually (if you have a Coinbase wallet) they should be visible there as well.


2021-12-17 (3).png
2021-12-17 (5)_edited.jpg

In Opensea:

Hover over your Profile

Press the 'Profile' Button


Your NFTs should appear as you scroll down.


Get More Help


If you have more questions ask them bellow


Thanks for Inquiring! I'll Reach Out Soon With More Info

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