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Junior Year

During junior year, I really started to get involved and research insects, throughout the pandemic I did a lot of research on surveys and built tools to survey easily. Later on, as restrictions lifted, I began to lead projects, like those that can be found in professional experiences. Aside from those projects, I also worked on a lot of projects in school that contributed to my learning, development, and understanding of entomology.



During junior year, projects were very interesting because we had to adapt to various learning models, including full virtual, Hybrid, In-person, and Hybrid again. Throughout this time, I worked on many projects and subjects that factinated me. Including Nuclear Physics, Statistics, and Pest science.


Vietnam Through

During this project, we watched and analyzed a variety of films based around the Vietnam War. We investigated various perspectives, including at home, American perception of the war, Vietnamese perception of the war, and how the war was portrayed in the media and artistically. at the end of the project, we designed a movie poster based off of a theme we chose.


Statistics and Mosquitos

During this project, we investigated statistical bias, how it is introduced, and how many ways it can occur. I ran a small survey discussing mosquitoes, and found some interesting results, mainly that as people were more educated in the field of entomology, the more they would be against mostquito erradication

Efficiency In Biological

During this project (an AP seminar project) we wrote a paper on a subject. We also worked in groups with a similar theme (mine was 'efficiency in industry'). I wrote my paper on making biological surveys more efficient. After the papers, our groups created a presentation/virtual exhibit to showcase their work. 


Scientific Edge

During the Scientific EDGE project, students were tasked with investigating and researching a scientific problem. My group and I researched pests and invasive species. We then created a presentation and gave it at our celebration of learning. I investigated integrated pest management with emphasis on native competition and habitat management as a pest management tool.

Check out our Virtual Exhibit / Presentation

To navigate the slides and info, click on the icons, the 'play icon advances you to the next slide. It might help to go fullscreen. on page two, there is a green 'navigate' link showing all pages


Invasives and Pests Paper

IPM Paper


Geology and Ants

During our geology unit we created presentations related to fields and topics in geology we found interesting, I created two, this one and one on LiDAR which can be seen later.


LiDAR 3D-Mapping & Geography

The second presentation I made for the Geology unit discussed LiDAR for Geological data collection. For the project I also used LiDAR scanning to scan an ant nest, and used a LiDAR heightmap to create a Voxel of the Grand Canyon.


Nuclear Physics

For this unit, we learned about nuclear physics, and nuclear chemistry. We also investigated the historical and cultural aspects of nuclear weapons and war. We watched the HBO Special Chernobyl, read books about the trinity tests, built a project related to nuclear studies, and learned about nuclear reactors all during the height of CoVID-19

Learn More

Radioactive Isotopes and their decay

The project for this unit was up to each student to determine. I decided to work with a google sheet and build a google sheet which looks at different nuclear isotopes and provides more information on them. 

Scroll over or down to view more of the chart, I am not sure if editing is enabled, so if you would like to alter the values and it doesn't let you, make a copy and mess around with it in sheets. Currently, there are only around 30 or so isotopes to explore in 3-4 decay chains.

Nuclear Unit Blogs

In addition to the project for this unit we also had to write some blogs about what we learned throughout the unit. here are my blogs below

radium watch.jpg
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Click on the text above to explore my AP photo investigation. I did AP photo during junior and senior year.

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